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Please meet and support Barrie's little warrior, 12 year old Nathan Stamatiou who has multiple severe health conditions and braves his 8th major surgery. 

His upcoming risky surgery at Sick Kids Toronto is to help improve his 89 degree Roto Scoliosis, as it is applying pressure on all his organs and without it, will cause his body to seize. If successful, the surgery will allow Nathan to have a better and more than deserving quality of life. He will require several weeks to months of recovery and rehabilitation. 

For every ticket purchased from the LIQUIDCRISTAL website for the July 15th DESTROYER/LIQUIDCRISTAL show at The Ranch 2.0, we will be donating proceeds, along with a percentage of the profits from LIQUIDCRISTAL merchandise sold at the show.


This will help with the financial and emotional challenges that his single mother of 4 is about to soon encounter. 

I had a chance to see LIQUIDCRISTAL at the ShineBrite Festival in Coldwater. The band was FUN, TIGHT and their energetic lead singer brings POWER VOCALS and a PLAYFUL interaction with the crowd.

Fun band to catch.

- Randy Richards